How do you determine if you have a wack proxy?

Been getting email verifications like crazy but stay way under limits. I also run 2-4 accounts on each proxy, and other accounts on same proxy don’t get the block. Thanks

What kind of proxies?


Instagram proxies from highproxies.

Then you know from the start what will be the quality of your proxies : pretty low !

These proxies are IPv4 datacentre proxies. Consider it low quality. And if you want to use proxies like this I would not use more than 1 account per proxy.

I quickly checked their website…

With the help of our Social Media proxies your problems will be over and you will enjoy a good Instagram experience.

Misleading and laughable…

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Thanks dimitri

This is one mistake that you’re making: managing multiple accounts on a fixed IP proxy.

As a rule of thumb, you’ll need each account of yours to use a different IP address. So,if your proxy is fixed, you need a proxy for each account. Or, if you get rotating proxies, you have to make sure that no two accounts will use the same IP address.

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Thank you. I really appreciate this. I know a lot of the best proxies are in the EU, but I’m concerned that logging in from overseas, then my clients logging in here in the states are going to be a red flag for IG. What would you say the optimum setup is for 15-20 client accounts and a bunch of cheap scrapers?

I would recommend 3-4 main accounts per 4G proxy and 2-3 scrappers per main account and you should never have the scrappers and the main accounts on the same proxy.

This is not necessary to have each account on each proxy.

If you have a mobile proxy,you can easily run 3-5 accounts even if it’s static but if it’s Ipv4,it would require one account per proxy.

high proxies are terrible. I started my jarvee journey on them. Wasted so much time.

Go for a 4g raw modem. You can run 5-10 accounts if you warm them up and add them properly

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Thanks for the advice. I’m not familiar with the term. Do you go through a specific service? Thanks.

yes, you can search for good 4g proxies on google or here on MPsocial and you should find some good providers take a few to test and see how it goes.

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Are you saying that some of your accounts have issues and other accounts on the same proxy don’t have issues? Maybe you should then check on your accounts and the settings you use.

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