How do you do shoutouts these days?

A year or so, everyone was taking screenshots of a shouted out account, but I haven’t seen that done for awhile. What types of shoutouts are people charging for these days?

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Im seeing more shouts through IG Stories nowadays.

Although Im not actively looking in buying shouts. They might be just genuine shouts

Thanks just been wondering how it all works.

Most of the shoutouts through stories are S4S the ones you see under post of bigger accounts are either more organized S4S or paid shoutouts, I’ve even seen some DM groups on Instagram just for shouting out each other’s page and sharing followers.

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So, are those shoutouts in stories a screengrab, or are they posting something else? I don’t use the story viewer much.

Stories are the new kids on the block, and apparently way more engaging than normal posts. Have had pretty good results using them from both my personal accounts as well as my client accounts.

Usually see screengrabs, or just the actual post itself being used in the story. I’ve seen some dog accounts give shoutouts with the post, but with a big emoji covering up the dog, stuff like that. Pretty effective if you have good engagement in your niche and can hope to convert at least 50% of the people who land on your page.

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By “the actual post” do you mean a post from the account being shouted about? I mean the one being promoted.

For paid shoutouts I tend to have our own template for that. I design them myself.

I do this because I feel they deserve to stand out from ordinary shoutouts.


Yeah, that’s what I meant.

That is really cool, have to really try harder my self as I started getting some intrest lately. Are

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How is the engagement on the customized shoutouts compared to your normal posts?


Quite the same, but it draws more attention and more sales too.

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People appreciate more the whole thing if you put a bit of effort. I also share it with music in the background.

That also helps making the whole shoutout interesting.

Made some serious changes and now I introduced my own style as well in the posts and it pretty much looks like this:

This are my screeners and this are my story shoutouts:

It takes a bit of effort to make this, but people get a nice feel that their money still goes into a nice looking advertisement and that’s good enough for them.


That’s awesome. Way to go the extra mile.

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Glad to see your creativity and efforts into making the most out of the shoutouts.
I do suggest you to exclude the word “cheap” because it does not match the final product.
Good luck!

a effective shoutout plan requires 2 things in order.

  1. Content must be ‘likable’ to the max ( if post is not likable, it will fail.)
  2. the account giving the shoutout MUST ave above medium to high ER.

Make sure it is in the same niche too.

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I don’t charge more than $5/24 hours shoutout that contains Post and Story. I can’t promise people that they will get more than 100 new followers, so yeah. I devalue it.

Some people come at us with some low quality content or content that isn’t related much. I am putting a lot of effort on visuals and content quality, so they don’t get near to what I post. So not many interact with them.

WHat is considered medium ER?

That varies for niches can’t know them all