How do you do your hashtag research + how to analyze them?

What tools do you use? (paid ones - free are trash)
How do you analyze the hashtags you already use on the accounts so you know what works best for you?
How do you know what hashtags are banned and what hashtags not to use?
Share your tacts!

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Would love to hear of some good paid hashtag analyzers as well. Regarding banned hashtags, has a list.

I go to explore, pick a medium or small account if on first page – ’ borrow hashtags’ – research done. (niche specific of course). let them do the research – if you know what I mean …


ye but then how do you know what works for you?

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Perfectly said,in short replicating someone else’s strategy without doing any work.

the same way you do by your own research, Post the puppy with the hashtags and see


So basically I can’t use logarithms, since John Napier discovered them before me, and did all the work. That’s what I’m getting from this.

There isn’t really a major strategy on Instagram that is yet to be discovered. Why not do what successful people have already done, and it works? I don’t get your point here.

I don’t know why I had to laugh when I read ‘borrow hashtags’ haha
but this is a great way in general, look at the explore tab and top hashtags and see what they are doing differently than you.
Try out their style and mix it up with your own stuff and in the end you will have the best recipe!


Replicating someone’s strategy it’s often more work than you think :smiley: But this is something that people do in life in general and this doesn’t have to be unethical in every case :slight_smile: