How do you follow manually after scrape to Excel?

How many users they followed daily??

Most were still in the warm up phase so no more than 150.

What kind of delay are you doing between follows and have you had any block issues?

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The macro have a real time record option, so you can just wait a few seconds more after the web load just to be sure.

No block issues, but I usually unfollow 300 accounts per day splitted in 3 times, 100 users per time.

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we can give you 5 days free trial for accounts so you can check it yourself , many these manual instagram growth agencies i think exposing themselve and leaving marks, our agents use their own phone, their own 4g sim, work from their own home and we dont give more than 1 account per agent, this way we stay 100% save and we dont have issue with blocks, and we use specific follow list for 500+ accounts

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We are doing 30 follows in 4 mins using manual :smiley: (more or less)

Also running all accounts without any blocks.
We focus on quality of sources - that`s the most important point.

Do you think if your follow list will be from different targeted accounts it would help? Besides the manual thing I think there is more ways to avoid blocks, because even in manual some are getting action blocked.

It was just example. We are not doing that way. We are doing some random delays

There are two separative things, scraping data to excel and following the influencers who you scraped on the social media, like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.
If you would love to know what can you do with the social media data, you could refer to Social Media Data Solution

Can you please give me the name of micro application or a video showing how to do that ??

Do you have any video example to create this macro please ??

Some people are using macro for android (Macrodroid app), and performing actions normally, from a list of users.

I would really like to understand how to do it, but I still don’t know. I hope to find out: /