How do you follow manually after scrape to Excel?

Hey guys,

After you scraped into the excel X amount of followers of target accounts that you would like to follow, you just copy paste each user name from the excel into the search bar and follow 1 by one? That would take forever so I have been wondering what is the other ways to follow users manually after you have a ready list.


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Hi Daniel. Yes, I copy and paste one by one, and honestly once you get in the swing of it, it goes by so quickly that you can accidentally get blocked for going too fast.

Seriously? First of all, thank you for your help.

How long does it takes you to follow 50 people with this method?


Around 20 minutes. Less, if you have two monitors, with the spreadsheet open in one, and instagram open on another. I would recommend following more slowly than this, however, to avoid getting blocked.

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20 minutes? Oh wow, so basically, 100 mobile phones x5 accounts each (500 total), following 60-70 members daily is not an option in manual for 3 people? :slight_smile::slight_smile:

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60-70 per account and split it twice a day, like morning and afternoon.

You can clone IG app and get like 10/ Mobile phone.

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Your goal is for each person to follow 10,833 people per day? Yeah, that’s probably unrealistic.

in exel just add befor every user with the replace function export it to google sheet or some cloud to acces it from phone phone and you be just clicking to open the profile then follow it rince repeat , it will takes time depending on your numbers but much more confortable than copy paste then follow


That’s a great idea thank you!!! It’s possible to do that automatically on 1,00,000 users?

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yeah the limit its your pc power if its powe4full then it can process hundreds of lines and maybe if you have a powerfull server you can do it there & leave it do its thing & send some that you be working with for the day btw you can automate it with a shell/python script or zapier

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I meant the user , not automatically follow, or that’s what you meant? Hehe

Never mind, I understand!! Again, thank you so much

I recorded a macro.
First in exel add before every user as said_L.O.M said
Then I start with the cursor in the fist user to add, and press record in the macro.
Alt+Tab (to swithth to the Chrome tab)
Tab (untill the url adress bar is selected in blue)
Tab (untill the “Follow” button is selected)
Space bar
Alt+Tab (to go back to exel)

And repet…

There is already a macro application that does this, instead of having to do the actions manually

There are also programs where they record your movement and then play it back.
There are many ways

Which one ? I’m looking for one that could be safe

we search each user manually to follow for all our clients , we are using scrape lists from 3-4 months, its great if your client want you to engage with very specific audience

We have been through 3 providers already and they were hit with temp blocks and 7 day blocks in 2-3 days. We were using a specific follower list.

Are you having temp blocks/hard blocks when following from a specific user list?

It depends on what you want to do with the scraped profiles