How do you gain new clients for clients management nowadays?

Hello guys! How do you gain new clients for clients management business nowadays? I’m using cold emailing, but also searching for more ways. So maybe someone of you could share your own experience, how do you gain new clients nowadays? Thanks!

You could be sending DMs to the potential clients and run ads to promote your service If you have a nice, good quality profile where people can get a great impression about your business and wish to work with you.

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LinkedIn Mother + Child, I’m just starting this right now to get clients


Mother child ON linkedin or do you mean using linked in and the mother child method on IG?

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Facebook Ads :smile:

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Mother/Child on LinkedIn - i.e. create multiple accounts that are fake members of staff for your business - canvas them, ask them questions and try and get their phone number or at least email if you can


Thanks for the ideas guys, any more ideas please?

Yes i’ve heard that people are doing this, however i think that requires a good budget

mass DM’s to users scraped through Jarvee (a very specific type of users) but you need to have a very good and well-adjusted portfolio

Good thread, I am always looking for different methods as well. You can also try offering your services on forums as well.

What do you mean by this? Portfolio of what?

I have heard that LinkedIn is a little strict compared to banning accounts if they detect fake information?

Could you tell me how can you manage LinkedIn accounts with fake info?

Like where do you get the photos from?
What personal details do you fill?

Getting clients is not a problem, problem is what service to provide them. Nothing seems to work very well for growing IG anymore…


No issues advertising an IG growth company on FB?

Mother slave and mass DM is working good as of now, Don’t know how long it will last.

I suppose @Luca is referring to your previous work. Good presentation of what you did for other clients in the past - results, examples. :slight_smile: If you have this of course :slight_smile: If you are starting then you should sell them an idea of what you could do for them :smiley:

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Yes, if you’ve got many scrapers, Mother/Slave method will work, many people can confirm this claim.

LinkedIn is actually really easy to bot. I even manage to bot using Datacentre proxies with no issues. That said, I’ve only just started testing datacentre. Had no problems with 4G.

I buy my Linkedin accounts from pr0ject 1 and replace name + photo with a photo from

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Which bot are you using?

And how’s the growth there,I have also seen people telling that a lot of potential clients sit there so is it worth it according to you?

Jarvee. I have been focusing more on cold email, purely because I’m struggling with CPU power at the moment. Since LinkedIn also runs on EB, I have to turn off Instagram accounts to run LinkedIn. I’m currently setting up a seperate PC for LinkedIn accounts.

And yes, it’s really quite easy since you automate the welcome “connect” message and also the follow up message to get their email/phone number.

In terms of cost-effectiveness, I would say it’s on par with cold email. The only annoying thing is getting the data is stress, because LinkedIn will only show you 1,000 people per search.

So you have to be specific. E.g.:

Find people in London who are in fitness
Find people in Paris who are in fitness

Instead of just people who are in fitness

A list of 200k people will only show data of 1,000 people
A list of 2k people will only show data of 1,000 people

But yeah bot runs well

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