How do you gain new clients for clients management nowadays?

Hello guys! How do you gain new clients for clients management business nowadays? I’m using cold emailing, but also searching for more ways. So maybe someone of you could share your own experience, how do you gain new clients nowadays? Thanks!

You could be sending DMs to the potential clients and run ads to promote your service If you have a nice, good quality profile where people can get a great impression about your business and wish to work with you.

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LinkedIn Mother + Child, I’m just starting this right now to get clients

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Mother child ON linkedin or do you mean using linked in and the mother child method on IG?

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Facebook Ads :smile:

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Mother/Child on LinkedIn - i.e. create multiple accounts that are fake members of staff for your business - canvas them, ask them questions and try and get their phone number or at least email if you can


Thanks for the ideas guys, any more ideas please?

Yes i’ve heard that people are doing this, however i think that requires a good budget

mass DM’s to users scraped through Jarvee (a very specific type of users) but you need to have a very good and well-adjusted portfolio

Good thread, I am always looking for different methods as well. You can also try offering your services on forums as well.