How do you get more comments on Instagram Posts

I’ve seem some Instagram profiles have upper 50 comments/post (not the comments that are full of emojis…but short meaningful sentences) with only 10k following.

I tried to use bots to do auto commenting, people like the comments but do not come back to my profile to comment. Any suggestions? Thanks

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Solely by making engaging content. Can’t really force it otherwise. People will do like for like (if you like a random user’s post), but no one really does comment for comment

I forgot to mention. Responding to the comments you do get increases comments. When people see you actually respond, they are more likely to comment.

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Building a loyal fanbase and call to actions. Indeed cant force them but you can persuade them :wink:

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100% engage with your following (like their comments + reply to some)

and also add some sort of engaging caption, doesn’t have to be complicated literally (1,2,3,4,5,6,7?) or anything related to your niche. You’d be surprised how the simple stuff pans out the best


Also, responding to a comment adds +1 on the total comment count

I use my network to comment first on the post + reply to the same post after. It helps other to also comment and not be the first.

Have you noticed, that this method occasionally stopped working, like there were no interactions? It used to work amazing, even helped hitting explore and now it seems like the algo passes those comments.

the secret sauce

which method, the network?

Yes, the network of commenting accounts after posting. I used that for years and recently I’ve seen algo not bumping up the post Im working on

I am not following… what is network of commenting? thanks

use DM groups

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It’s often done through dm groups on telegram. Mainly 10k+ accounts in the same niche gather and boost eachother’s posts.

Would be interesting to implent such functionality on JV. Profiles on the same niche could gather and be set up automatically to engage. Like the old like exchanger. Either by like4like, comment for comment. Gathering points etc. Or you could pay your way out for real profile engagements.

They are probably in engagement groups and let the people know that they uploaded a new photo and want people to comment on it. Also if you go to some celebrity instagram accounts (Kylie Jenner as an example) a lot of people in the comments put CB which means comment back, and most of the time if you leave a comment on their photo they will comment back on yours.

@Candydandy True. A lot of big influencers and celebrities are actually in engagement groups. You can easily see how they comment and boost eachother’s profiles.
If you keep track of their profiles you easily discover how they systematically engage to eachother’s posts.

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it still works but for massive amount of comments say 150 in 10-15 minutes

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Thank you for this information. Where can I find these engagement groups? Thanks

my account is food blogging and I do have 10k+ following. How do I find these telegram dm groups? Thank you

what is DM groups and where can I find them? Thanks

i can help you get in to some of my groups
but its Hebrew groups

play with the copy, do stuff like:

eg. how do you say “hello” in your language?
eg. how many xxxx there are in the picture?