How do you get past EV issue? Check my screenshots

Hey guys, I’m one who went through client hell since the end of May, lost half of my 430 clients or so, and it is continuing to drop, despite giving daily updates on our progress. First the inauthentic likes and followers message scared a lot of them and some cancelled then, then some cancelled after account compromised, now I’m having half of my accounts stuck in the EV loop and they are on edge of all cancelling along with the settings just way lower than they once were.
I have 2 accs on per data center proxy and are now purchasing 4g ones for all these accounts in the next day or two whenever Henry Cooper gets back to me. So I heard to get past the EV loop I have to Replug the account, reset the device ID, switch the proxy, then login. What do you all think? Most of these accounts when I try to login the EB it brings me back to the login screen, or they give me a code, I type it in, then it says error or brings me back to the login screen. Really on my last leg here, might be finding another gig soon unless I can sort this out. Ran a perfect business until the update.


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It seems my workflow when I was using DC proxies :joy:

Try to move to 4G.