How do you get your pictures?

Hello guys, today I wanna address a question that I’ve always asked myself. Where do you get your pictures from for your accounts ? Do you just copy them from other big niches in your accounts, do you copy them from google or do you create them yourself with websites like ? Also do you look at the licensing of pictures or don’t you care about them ? There are a couple of website like that offer unlicensed pictures, do you use these services ?
Thank you very much in advance ! :slight_smile:

I have never used pics of others, but there are a lot of people here and in other forums who are using pics of others. Thats why in MP you find the REPOST tool (if you wanna know more about it, just watch video no. 40 here: or follow this direct link: ).
Maybe you have read here that there are some people who are managing dozens or hundreds of IG accounts - so we can bet most of them dont use their own content and they dont use “unlicensed pics”. I read several times that people are reposting pics of others (without asking them), but they mention them or tag them. In the video above you can see also the option “delete repost after x hours” - this is what a lot of people are doing: Using the pics of others and deleting those pics after some days… No question, this is “black hat”-like and as I don’t want to cross any borders, I am not doing it, even if I know my growth is then slower.
So, it depends on yourself what you do - growing faster by violating copyrights of others:astonished: and the risk of bans or (at least a low risk of) suits or growing slower.
In my opinion, if you want to create a brand name on IG, there is no better way then creating your own content and be consistent regarding your content. So then are the options: creating/ producing the content (self-made), “unlicensed pics” or buying the pics (stock photo agencies/ photographers).

But I am looking forward to reading here other / more opinions. :smirk:

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