How do you grow an Instagram account with Ads?

Hello everyone,

What strategy do you use to grow an Instagram account using ads? Do you choose brand awareness/reach to get the most out of your budget? Story Ads?

What’s the best strategy to grow an IG account using ads?


Good question, I would like to learn more about the topic as well.

As I’m sure you already know, using the right hashtags is absolutely critical for your ads to perform well. Don’t rush your hashtag research, and be sure to include hashtags related to all aspects of the post creative (for example- if you are posting about an all-terrain shoe, don’t include hashtags only related to the shoe, but also related to nature, terrain conditions etc.). This will ensure maximum reach. You could also check out tools for hashtag research, as this helps save a lot of time.

PS: Feel free to PM me and I can tell you about some good hashtag tools that I am using.

i don’t think they are many users that depend on ADS for IG growth, ADS won’t give you much followers, likes yeah maybe but followers not much.

Instagram Ad features are less advanced, you need to lose a lot of money to see some results

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Ads are good for Facebook following but for INSTAGRAM Ads dident work well and it will take
a lot of money.

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Use some other strategy other than instagram Ads to grow your IG account.