How do you keep your digital marketing skills up to date?

Hey everyone!

Can I please ask for a super quick favor?

My co-founders and I are looking to build a lifelong learning platform and would love to get a better understanding of how you currently up-skill yourself to stay on top of digital marketing industry trends and changing professional requirements.

It would be amazing if you could take a super quick survey (will take less than 2 mins) to share your experience.

Thank you so much for your help, any feedback is really appreciated!!


Just did it. Looking forward to what you are trying to do with your platform.

Thanks so much!

I just completed the survey. Right now I am reading this forum every day, every hour - hoping to find an answer to this block wave. When you finish the survey, please publish your results.

I read manga.

Jks, survey answered

Thanks so much! Absolutely, more than happy to share the results as soon as we finish the survey.

Awesome, thank you :slight_smile:

Watching courses and on youtube :slight_smile:

Happy to. Get back to you soon.

Combination of personal contacts, groups and forums including this one.
This is by far the friendliest one, but I have to look elsewhere sometimes due to the levels. I like levels though:)
Best of luck on your venture.

Thanks so much for sharing!

Thanks so much, appreciate it!