How do you know best time to post

If you don’t have a business account is there a method to know when is the right time to post because i know it’s very crucial as the first 10-15 minutes of the post are the one who determine how your post gonna do

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In account insights you can tap on audience and it will tell you best days to post and also best times, you don’t necessarily have to have a business account.

The time doesn’t really matter that much anymore, if your post gets good engagement your followers will see it up to 2 days most likely.
Times to recommend posting depends on the country you want to target.
Learn their lunch break hour and the hour they get back from work, that’s when most people check their socials.


I post early early morning and late evening. Sometimes afternoon. Really no difference
in ER – In the past it was critical, these says not so much. Learn your followers by test.

Use this to find the best time to post on instagram:

This is based on 2019 Data:

From test results i’ve seen the best being at the start! Of your active moment of the day. Not the most active, not after. At the start!

I dont post multiple times a day. No need for that for my IG. I would be annoyed, plus the inevitable bleed is harder like this.

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I dont agree but everyone their opinion

Amigo la mejor hora para publicar , esta en tu ubicacion.

Publica cuando la gente tenga tiempo de revisar su celular y revisar las publicaciones , en mi pais es cuando la gente sale a almorzar, 1 PM y en la noche cuando llegan de estudiar o trabajar.

Tambien puedes mirar las estadisticas de instagram y mirar a que hora estan conectados tus seguidores

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