How do you like creator account

Creator account features are buggy such as delayed insights and DM category issues. Do you compare the daily follow and unfollow counts between your IG insights and Javee reports? Do they match? I don’t have Javee but I have a feeling that the insights reports aren’t accurate so seeking for validation.


I switched right away bc I always read that the algorithms favor people who use instagrams new features. I like it. The inboxes are weird and unnecessary but I love tracking the follows and unfollows in the app rather than using another service. Also many of the evaluation websites like fohr and social blade can’t access your insights yet.


I second this. Inboxes are more of a hassle than they are helpful. I see its only benefit if you have a massive inbox that requires separating. Not much outside of this.

The follows/unfollows & gains are real nice. I’m surprised there’s not many more metrics out there as to many of us, these are generic. But I imagine since its still testing & rolling out it can get better.

But seriously… the inbox needs to go lol.


The info on creator accounts with number of unfollow is revealing. It’s a huge gauge of well the posts performed . I have put 90 percent of my accounts to it. It does not effect ER as all that switched are performing beyond my goals.

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Have you guys compared the numbers they reported vs. Jarvee? I have a sense they are not, but would be great if people with a 3rd party tool can help validate. Thanks!

often those two don’t mix. Hell, browser follower count ( be it EB or regular desktop) don’t even match follower count on insight in the actual app!. They are close but should not be expected to be one to one match

Thanks for sharing that. Let me be a bit more specific - I particularly don’t trust the unfollow number from creator account insights since it is always about 100 daily for me, regardless of more or fewer follows or other actions. This doesn’t make much sense to me. Some days I check my account every few minutes to observe ground truth and was pretty positive I had fewer unfollows someday compared to the rest but it is always reported around same number more or less.

None of those facts are truly correct. its just a guess btw of the past. case in point
say you have 100 followers on desktop, 98 on your Jarvee and 96 on desktop chome? which is right. There are also days when the insight server is way off by couple of hundred directly from Insta. Pick one and use that as a rough estimate else it will cause you grey hairs wondering WTF!

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My reach amongst my own followers is only 6-8%. Very frustrating.

The follows on jarvee don´t match the follows on IGBlade, also, lots of issues with insights on stories, they don´t show up.

How many creators have noticed this either in notification saying you’re no longer eligible for branded content or when you tried to add a link in your story?


I have not seen this yet but will be on the lookout for it. I activated it on two of my fast growers. Did this happen on your main account?