How do you make an Instagram Account the correct way?

I have created around 20 IG acc from the same IP. Yeah, I know… I am smarter now :slight_smile:

Anyway. If I want to create a new IG account from the same IP I get an error that “something went wrong”. Not surprising.

But I also tried multiple free proxy addons for chrome to create the account, but I always get the same error. The worst thing: When I try to create it again from another IP the username and email is “already taken”. So I have to create a new email address.

Not a disaster, but still anoying. So my question: What is the best/fastest/most secure way to create IG Accounts for the long term? Is it worth to buy old accounts? Do you know any trusted sellers? I just need about 20 - 30 more.

I already have proxies for my accounts. Is there a way to use them to create accounts over mass planner?

Have you tried searching for threads about Creating Instagram Accounts on the forum? There’s a search function, don’t hesitate to use it :stuck_out_tongue:

For email issue, check this:

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Sorry next time I will use the search functions. Thanks for your help :grin:

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