How do you manage 10 accounts? method needed

hello friends, i am struggling on fb accounts block ID verify, upload photo, pick friend photo…etc
please kindly share method you use to handle more than 10 accs without getting blocked or going through some check points.
thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Do you use proxies ?

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no, i was an idiot to use my home IP to run +5 accs at the same time
iv’e lost useful accounts 99% goes into upload photo of your self
so i posted this article just to hear someone say "proxy"
so my bro give some tips and best proxy service i should use
and are they work fine for new accounts? or i should use aged accounts?

i appreciate your replay :grinning:

Ahah don’t look further.

I use seoblazing for facebook, it works for me.

If you need accounts contact @arlyn he got good ones and he’s helpful.


i am fine with accounts i have +50 accs for now but i wouldn’t sacrifice them for now because the result is clear i think fb flagged my IP,
also which is better? using premium vpn service or proxies?