How do you manage your time?


I really wish I could get a handle of my time management. I’ve tried lists. I’ve tried software. I’ve tried BS guru stuff but I still haven’t found a method that works for me. Lately for the last year or so I’ve been working off a to do list sticky note pad someone gifted me. It’s helped me prioritize tasks and stop forgetting some tasks but still very manual. It works for now, but I know I’ll have to step it up once I start scaling.

I’d love to eventually get to automating a lot of my manual tasks but that takes figuring out how to automate it and that takes time which I don’t currently have. I guess I’ll go cry with @wortime now


Write everything in Journal before bed for the next day, meditate on your own identity, goals, visualizations, Purpose/Whys/Reasons, and affirmations IGVPA

Do this daily and you’ll stop procrastination, everything will be cut out that doesn’t fit these criteria!

Edit: also in my journal before bed, write down NOT TO DO list. It’s more powerful than a to do list :slight_smile:


i like making to do lists with different priority levels for different tasks so i always know what i need to focus on next. But sometimes the biggest priority is to lay around all day and not think about work so my brain can reset


I make It a priority to clear everything daily THEN rest.

It’s like when I used to feel like I hadn’t accomplished anything if I hadn’t hit the gym.

Look up “eat that frog”

If you knew you had to eat a frog everyday when you woke up, everything would be easy after that.

Take your biggest tasks (your frogs) and eat them first.

Everything will be easy to knock out after!


For me mind mapping is really useful as it helps me see the whole picture visually before setting priorities and to do lists.
If you are a visual thinker this is great. If you are an OCD list person then it won’t help you.

No offence to the OCD list people, you are awesome too!


You’re not alone…:joy:


same things past 5 years
3:00 – 3:45 am
post, coffee smoke
3:45 – surf.
4:: am – get ready for work
5:30 leave for work on train –
post any missed pages, surf – check stats
9:00 am -break at work --post on big page during break
11:00 am – lunch at work – post on big page during lunch/eat
3:30 off work, on train home – post
4:30p.m. – start coding or reading or checking on clients.


I’m envious of your surf life - where are you based?


haha i thought the same. then i checked the times. I guess he meant surfing in the web not on waves


haha ah yeah that makes sense. I’ve been dreaming of getting back to a place where I can surf so that’s where my mind was at haha


I used to surf when I was younger --true story at San Diego California. Still in that city and much older


Love San Diego. I first learned to surf in Del Mar during college spring break trip.


i went to Mr.Carmel high surfed around Torrey Pines beach – below del mar – was ten minutes away on car. Summer time went to live in Santa Barbara area and loved channel islands. Gave it up for real life