How do you manage your time?

In my humble opinion and throughout my short life experiences, I found out that good time management is the best skill to have in your daily life. I, personally, have been training this skill for a long time and still haven’t perfected it. Known people, specially on the business and technology industries seem to have enough or even more time to do everything that they want to, which is something I always looked up and strove for as I was getting older and felt like I was always in a rush, with time swiping off my fingers, between my main job, internet marketing as my second job, going to the gym or jogging to stay healthy, learning to play the guitar, hanging around with my family and friends for fun and still get enough sleep to stay mentally healthy as well. So, with that said, I’m always curious to get time management tips. What helped me a lot, was keeping a regular schedule, never waste a minute doing stuff that doesn’t affect me positively in any way, doing high priority tasks first, keep everything I own organized, meditate to stay calm on stressful situations, sleeping no more than 6 hours, which is my sweet spot, and, of course, having more than one monitor is awesome for what I do, as it lets me multitask with ease.

So, what do you guys do to manage your time? I would like to know any tips you can share, even if they seem stupid or insignificant.

The best small tip I can give to anyone is to never procrastinate!


Nice one man.

Ive also had / needed to pay alot of attention to chaning and optimising my time management and discipline.

This guy helping me heaps with that. Check it out

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Hmm, I usually don’t like the “guru” type stuff, but I will check out his videos.

I personally find it helpful to list out my work and break every task down.

For example, if I need to find 60 Instagram posts, I’ll break this down into finding 12 posts per. hour, or 1 post every 5 minutes. This allows me to not only structure my day, but also my week, as I’ll usually devote time each day to performing different tasks until each task is complete.

Also, if I’m struggling to find time or I’m finding myself distracted, I’ll sit down and I’ll add up all the time I’m spending on different tasks/activities each day, week, and month. For example, if I would like more spare time, and I find that I’m distracted by browsing Instagram, I’ll calculate how much time I’m spending browsing Instagram each day, then over the course of each week, then over the course of a month. If I’m browsing Instagram for a total of 1 hour per. day, this means I’m browsing (wasting) 7 hours per. week or 30 hours per. month that I could devote to writing blog posts, learning a new skill, etc.

Finally, it’s important to recognize that certain tasks are a higher priority than others. For example, my freelance work is a bigger priority than finding Instagram posts, as my freelance work makes me more money than finding Instagram posts does.


I do nothing. Time management takes too much time.

First I draw a topology map.
Then a ven diagram.
Then I list in order of importance and relevance.
I crunch the data to see where I should start and what will give me the best return.
By the time this is done the day is over and I have accomplished nothing except a topology map, a ven diagram and a list.
Then I lay down try not to cry. And I cry, a lot.


I like the way you think, time management does take time, so everyone better not do it. :smile:


I would be a bigger fan of Tim Ferriss 4 Hour workweek if it didn’t take more than 4 hours to read or implement.


Another “guru” bullshit… If I only worked 4 hours per week, I would go insane. For me living is doing what I like, and I like my work so that wouldn’t work for me.

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I don’t. :smiley:

I found myself in these words

Still looking for the way how to manage all my daily plans. At least im trying to schedule no more then 3-5 things. I’m quite to schedule more, cuz when i see 20 things in my to do list - i will not do even one of them. It simply crushes and makes it impossible to concentrate on something one or important


Lol. I did this with Trello, trying to break down all the tasks on there and gave up on that quickly as the maintenance of it was a chore in itself. Though it was a nice visual way of seeing an overview of a bigger picture of the different types of things I am doing, but if I was to try to use it seriously each day to write in all the tasks/actions I need to do in the software I would be spending a stupid amount of time updating Trello.


I attached a 4x6 meters blackboard to the wall of my working room to always have under my eye in giant the task i need to do, both long terms, varius todo, daily and in priority order, plus very handy when need to come up with new idea and stuff to better visualize them.


@Verona You got a good point, scheduling less things to do is a great way to stay focus and organized.

@mdr07 I would never see myself actually making a visual task plan, that does seem to take too much work and time.

@Broked Do you really have a blackboard? :smiley: That reminds of school, and I didn’t enjoy it.


I plan out my next day in detail right before I go to bed. It looks something like this:

8am --> get up, respond to emails, check MPSocial, check FB & servers
8:30am --> breakfast & shower
9:00am --> work on new project

You get the idea and I have to say that this is amazing. Never been more productive in my life since I started doing it a few weeks ago :slight_smile:


Wow, r u a real human ? :rofl: For me to respond to all of emails takes around 3 hours


I always feel like there is just a limit to your time that you can not stretch. Either I can work 4-5 hours hyper focused or 12 hours in a chilled way while listening to music etc… However if i try to stretch that time frame, i start to make mistakes or need to chill a day afterwards.


I’m not the only one responding though :wink:

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I wing everything. Lifting weights, making money, my health, my dogs, etc take priority, but I never really plan anything. Things just happen when I get around to them. Some days I sleep till 4pm lmao, some days I’m up at 4am.

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After the first part, here I started thinking I don’t have enough time lol

However, what helps me is to have a blackboard where I write the things I have to do and the consequences if I don’t do them.
The satisfaction, the sense of freedom and that light air when I delete tasks is beautiful


Yep winging it is pretty much what I do, wake up work a little, dogs, eat, shower, gym ect :slight_smile: