How do you phone verify IG accounts?

I am in the US and trying to figure out the best method for IG phone verification. Does anyone know if purchasing a cheap smartphone and several hundred SIM cards would work? I would like to do this but I believe every unique SIM card needs its own service plan and none of the plans can be shared among multiple SIMs. If this is true, this method would be far too expensive to use. Does anyone know of any alternatives? Thanks for any help.

Contact @kraadnc

He has solution for you.

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The two options above have both worked for me. I do SMSPVA for FB where I have lots of accounts which are a bit less important, so I use the cheaper option, and for IG I have less accounts that I want to be solid for future so I’ve used the SpeedyVerify from @kraadnc

You’re saying that for IG you have more accounts you want to be solid? So SpeedyVerify is the strongest PV option for long lasting accounts?

The problem with is that you get a phone number for verification, but you cannot use that number a second time. You use it once, and after that it is gone. About speedverify I do not know.

If you have to verify a number for Instagram you usually have the possibility to use a new number. Although it is not really good to do so.
With other services it can be so that they will ask for a PV on the number they know (the number you have given before). If you do not have access to that number anymore you can lose the account.

So I do not really understand @mdr07 using smspva for fb…

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SpeedyVerify is real SIMs and you own the number, so only you use it as many times as you want and how you want. Any situations where you have real SIMs for your own use will be better, compared to online virtual SIMs which of course they will resell and abuse.

Yeah, that totally makes sense. I would say that it is circumstantial. Anyone doing it for profit-marketing (i.e. probably everyone on here) would be best off having the real SIMs that you can reuse as you say.

My situation is that I have many budget accounts being used for not-for-profit purposes, which are a fraction of the price for one SpeedyVerify SIM, and I am using the accounts moderately, not for posting promotion, but just to put some comments, likes, shares on a charity page for the purpose of supporting them. So I treat the mobile verification process on Facebook as a nuisance hurdle that I just want to overcome on the occasion it pops up, so I just use a 10 cent SMSPVA SIM to recover the account and then remove it from the account so it’s not attached to one anymore. So yes, @dimitri is totally right, if you use SMSPVA on Facebook you’ll want to remove it from the account because if you get hit with another mobile verification they don’t give you the option to elect another mobile if the number is still attached, but you can if there is no number attached. I’ve heard that’s not the case with IG (perhaps somebody can confirm that) but maybe it’s safe to just remove it anyway because you won’t have a way of accessing it again.

On the other hand, I treat the fewer IG accounts (which I haven’t done much with yet) as ones that I want to last, so I happily invested in my own SIMs from SpeedyVerify, as these ones will be taking a lot of my time for making quality content so I don’t want to have them crash due to cheap numbers.

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Does IG ever flag or ban accounts hosted on US proxies that verify with Philippines numbers?

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Does IG ever flag or ban accounts hosted on US proxies that verify with Philippines numbers?

No, as far as I know the country doesn’t make a difference. I also use Dutch numbers with accounts on US proxies.

I have a solution to the second call verification is a gd option ,i use them for my affiliate stuff also