How do you phone verify your facebook?

so as my IG accounts in growing state without links i thought it would be a good idea to get back on facebook to get some buck or two as it seems that i had pretty good success with these back in the last year.

So , after reading for a little bit i noticed that buying PVA facebook is not a great deal and i should go for verifying them myself as i still might get pv requests , soooo sims in my country are pretty expensive imo 2 euro for 1 sim is a little pricey to buy in bulk , getting sims from ebay takes a long time so i dont rly want to do that , what are the ways to PVA aged accounts that you currently use ?

Hey @trueword, I don’t have so much experience but the only time I’ve done that with Facebook was using SIM’s, so my suggestion after reading a lot of stuff that you have in this forum for free, is to buy SIM’s and take care of your accounts without taking too many risks.

Long term passive income > Short term active incom IMHO.

Hope this has helped you :wink: have a good day!

heh , well im going to go for blackhat probbably as i’ve scored from 0.10 to 0.32 epc. taking care too much is not a best option as eventually i will get my acc banned 1 by 1 from facebook groups , not like getting banned the account to unusable state but just banned from groups. And active income is what i want right now. So still waiting for suggestions , i’ve heard that people go for chaineese numbers and similar.

For me Black Hat Facebook will never be a real Asset, if you want you can research if the Google Voice’s numbers are working currently, hope it helps :+1:

There are some sims provider here on marketplace, check them out.

i checked them , it’s too pricey , i can get sims for that price just by going to a store and taking them as a beverage without waiting :smiley: well i guess i know what to do

Then you got your solution. Get the sims, you’ll need them for almost every social network.

so i bought them allready ,well yea i thought there’s something cheaper these days , guess not. Imagine if i had to phone verify 1000’s of accounts lol… but still intrested in other faster ways if anyone has to offer something.

i use a site called there you can buy phone numbers for $0.01

SMSPVA doesn’t work anymore. Used to be a really good service for both Facebook and IG. All phone numbers from them now get “Sorry we can not verify this phone number” error with Facebook. Just tried yesterday. AND hidemynumbers, AND getsmscode, same thing. Now just real sim cards phone numbers work I guess.

hmm last time i tried was a month ago. but i createtet a facebook account from becouse the phone number are from russia. and i worket then, but they may have patchet that too idk

Hi,this is good server