How do you safely promote a link in groups?

This is a question from the community.

I have a news website, and every time I released an article I’d join 20+ niche relevant groups and then say in a non-spammy way: ‘Hey, I saw this cool post about x topic yesterday: (LINK)’

My domain was banned by Facebook, which is not a problem as I know how to get it unbanned, but how do I avoid getting it banned in the future?

I was using the same account to post the links.

Is there a cloaker solution or something alike?

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I think branding will be good. If someone asked question related to your niche, Just post you link in comment.

My question though is how to avoid the link getting banned when posting to a group :slight_smile:

How do u get unbanned ?

I solved this issue by forward my customers to my whatsapp.

Message ad support and say you need the domain unblocked to run ads.