How do you scrap users?

So far I have been using Jarvee to scrap users, it works fine but I have problems to scale or get exact info. (It scrapes blacklisted GEOS, brings users without any data at all and other stuff)
Also, some of the accounts getting blocks on APIs or so…

What other ways do you know about scraping users on IG?
How do you guys scrap?

Share if can, thanks!

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Try adding more IG accounts to Jarvee. As much valid IG accounts you have the better chances for you are to get good results.

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You need to be more precise regarding the sources that you scrape from and make sure to use the filters as well, the more targeted you are to better your results will get.

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how many users are you trying to scrape?
you should add more valid IG accounts to Jarvee and use them to scrape in parallel… the more accounts the better. if you scrape additional user details with lots of filters with only a few accounts, you will get scrape blocks, and the results will not be accurate.

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I can’t help you but have a side question, are you using jarvee to scrape from 1 account and then use the info for f/uf on another? if so can i do this without risking my account on jarvee? Scrape the users and then do manual F/UF with the info on my main

Sorry for hijack!

yes, the method is called Slave/Main, you can use a slave account (scrapper) to scrape users then send them to the main account to be followed, liked on, commented on…etc,

how do you plan to scrape users without a software?


Long manual process but I have been doing scrapping for Users manually using hashtags/likers/followers and adding some filtering criteria on top of that to target potential users…

This is my funnel:
1 First I am scraping hashtags
2. I am filtering out with Users and Hashtags panel from Jarvee
3. Results I am loading into Scapers and put Follow/Like filters and send it to main accounts that don’t scrape/filter at all, just scrape and like

Guys, he asked how to SCRAP users… not how to SCRAPE users… do you all have vision impediments?

Easy, just torch them with a flamethrower!


I second this notion.