How do you see landing pages of other Geos?

Hi, suppose u are in the USA and u picked up an Australian offer to promote from a CPA network and the only way you can see the real landing page of the offer is if you are opening it from an Australian IP. Now, I tried a VPN and set country to australia and it is still redirecting me to my own country. I am using F-Secure Freedom Premium VPN and still not working.

How do you see landing pages of other locations without getting auto-redirected?

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you can try
or find someone that lives in Australia and give hem the link and ask hem t screenshot the page for you

What i do before use vpn i clear my cookies.
Or use other browser that i never used before.
Hidemy ass is good option in my opinion

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If you just want to see the flow of offer, then you can find preview URL from your aff network. Most of Aff network have it. Or Ask to your aff manager where is the preview URL of that offer, he/she will surely give it to you.

Other option is use that GEO IP, which is possible through paid VPN only, the free one always connect to other GEO, since they don’t give f### to your choice. Either go for premium VPN or use free proxy from free provider (but get ready to spent some time on it, or simply buy it to save time and do some other work to get your next stage).

If the page is indexed in Google you can also do a search for “” and then see if Google has a cached version of it saved

Could be that they check the language of the browser? Try setting it to en_AU along with an Australian IP on an incognito window. Works?

There are some browser extension that can give you another IP. With this, you will be fine!