How do you see the results of backlinks?

Backlinkers say it takes 45 days to see the effects of back linking. Also sites like Link Management shows when you punch in a kw how many links, time and cost it will take to rank on page one for that kw. Since no one owns google how can they know or guarantee this?

Also, is there any tool which shows the results of a backlink traffic-wise please or this just a guessing game?

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Time, experience and wild a@@ guessing. There is no guarantee that doing x,y, z will get you to pos 1 page 1 for a KW. The G also is in charge, and these services have no access to the also. They aren’t bad, and many of them work, because there are certain things you can do that will move you up, but that can always change tomorrow if bug G decides.

For tools just google backlink checker. The ones that show up at the top are probably pretty good. They all generally use the same API, I think.

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