How do you target your sources for comments/DMs?

How do you target your sources for the best results?

I target mainly followers and users that interacted with posts of big accounts, but a lot of the time I found my comments/DMs just land on extremely well made fake profiles which chews up my daily actions quota. (This is different than follow sources, as I know for follow source you can just pick the ones with high follow back ratio)

Just wondering if there are any more advanced targeting methods out there. :slight_smile:

I have a bot that extracts profiles of usernames with certain things in their avatar using AI (image processing), and then target those people.



Would definitely be interested in seeing what others are doing to select high quality sources for any type of interaction (F/U, Like, Comment, DM, Story View, etc.)

As things have gotten tighter it’s become a huge matter of who can select sources/optimize the best.

is it a private or commercial bot?

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Second the question from @mdtanos! Would love to know too.