How do you track ghost followers?

Hi there, I’m looking for ways to track ghost followers, free tools are preferred of course, but even ones with a subscription are fine.
I see that many people are offering the service on fiverr, but I really want to delete my ghost followers sloooowly, so I’m looking for services where I could get just the list of the ghost followers or current followers+users who interacted on the last nth posts.

Thanks in advance!

You can use Jarvee block followers tool, check “do not block immediately” if you want to collect a list of ghost followers instead of removing/blocking them.

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I am using Block followers tool on Jarvee, that Ossi mentioned and it’s working great for me. Cheers

Hi there :slight_smile: I also used Jarvee for this. If you search the forum, you will find different topics related to this:

Can you block/remove followers on an account while also using the other tools follow/unfollow/like ?

I see that JV mention the other tools won’t work if it needs to scrape through the most recent 200 followers or above… In this case the work would be need for a 21k followers account.

Also, is it better to pull out the full ghost followers list and then remove those specific users or do it immediately as it scrapes through?