How do you vet micro-influencers for shoutouts and other paid spots?

We do FB/IG advertising paying upwards of $40-$60 CPMs. Our direct IG deals gets us a wayyyyy cheaper reach with microinfluencers (<50K followers), yet it is still is a good faith, hopeful play. Typically we look at a video post (if they have any), see how many view it got and offer them a $7-$10 CPM based on that (i.e if they have 2,000 views on a post, we pay them $14 for a post). There are simply too many likepods around to do it just by the likes alone. We obviously negotiate, but that is our starting point.

Wanted to know if there any paid and free tools that do a good job vetting micro-influencers? What are the ways you vet your paid shoutouts?


We also scrape the likes for the last 10 posts, and make sure the top people liking the page are consistent with the audience we are after (age, interest, location). That is much more manual. It is also very telling if in the last 10 posts, < 5% have 2+ likes. We figure that means they are using pods.


Good remark on the video views! So true:

When i see a page with thousands of likes, then see sub-100 video views… its definitely a red flag!


I’ve used the calculator here before.
It gives a range of pricing depending on the latest 12 posts.


There are some pretty nice tools on here. I feel like the post calcultors are more content-provider-friendly, than accurate for advertisers. They base it off of vanity metrics like engagement, when I am ultimately interested in impressions and accuracy/value of audience.

So far deep social seems to fit the bill for what we are looking for, but its ridiculous to pay $1 for every profile search. Cannot believe they do not have a monthly rate for unlimited searched.


Anyone have site websites or services that do a good job saying where an IG account’s following is located? I know several that do that for my own account. But I am looking for a solution that does it for other accounts based on their public followers.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find a tool myself that does the work. Tried Tribe and didn’t work for us. We do all this work manually, basically spotting red flags like the one you mentioned:

  • High likes, low video views.
  • High followers, low likes (although easily manipulated).
  • Spammy comments.
  • Studying their followers.
  • Quality of photos and consistency.

It’s a really tedious and time consuming process but I just haven’t found a tool that doesn’t miss the human filtering element.

I will definitely be checking out Deep Social. Thanks for the thread. I’ll keep you posted with my finds as well.


Well said @BangBang. It’s just a tedious process and the ROI is nothing if after 19 of 20 are completely rotten after all the hard work. Makes that $100 shout, really $300 if a couple people are working on it.

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