How does Comment Liker work for you?

Does anyone here like other peoples comment under a post? If you like other people’s comment, they get a notification, they might visit your profile and like your posts then. Anyone had success with this?

had not a lot of success with it. feels a little bit creepy in my opinion if somebody does it.

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When I do it manually I get some likes and followbacks. Even better return than only liking other people’s posts. Just curious if other people also does it.

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@kripke yep it feels like bottish , but you can engage with responding to their comment and liking it too that must be a good try personaly what i do i type my hashtag nich then go to recent and engage with pic that has less than 30 or 40 by liking and commenting and it works for me or you can activate notification for big pages and once they post you go and say something nice they will reply cus they know that they need to boost engagement if the first minutes so try to make a small chat with him like 5 replies from him that must be great and make you noticeable

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I see. But does not using auto comments also feel like more bottish? It works though and most people here use auto comment in automation,

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I also did it but compared to liking three older post it got a much lower followback.

in fact its all about what you gonna say i can manualy comment but look like a bot so you know it does need some effort the automation saves you from repeating things over and over

you can go scrap users comment in your nich filter them quickly and then reuse them in your automation but even they 're comming from real human some may seem bottish well its hit&miss nothing perfect but you tailor things based on the feedback & result you get

It gets you exposure if you use it specificly on users with little following / their posts where it is not common at all to like a comment

It does work for me, but the ROTI (return of time invested) is not great compared to F/UF or other tactics.

i try to do it 3 days but the follow back was very low so i stoped