How does Facebook define reach?

I just checked my Facebook page’s stats. Reach is 70.000 for last week. That sounds kind of awesome but I checked page views (which I always thought to be the same thing): it was less than a measly 200! WTF Facebook. If reach does not mean views what does it mean?

About my page, its a print magazine’s profile with almost 60 thousand likes. We promote every post with around less than five dollars (in local currency - Reais) and we used to get from around 1 to 3 thousand reactions on each post. In the past few months this has dropped and dropped and now we struggle to get 100. Does anybody know what happened? Why is Facebook penalizing us?

I believe Facebook reach mean how many people saw your page in some way. Page views should refer to how many people actually clicked and browsed your page.

reach - to how many users your ad could be / has been displayed.

You might want to take a look at your ads, i’m no expert , but from what heard very recently (1-2months back) facebook has narrowed down their targeting options by a lot .

Also you can take a look ads your ads frequency ( how many times it has been shown to the same users)

All the best to you :+1:

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