How does IG keep banning Jarvee!?!

I’m new to IG automation, and I’ve had some bad experiences in the past (I got a 6K account shadowbanned and it’s been bleeding followers ever since), but after hearing all the hype I was pretty interested in Jarvee. Downloaded it and tried it on a clean account I was manually upkeeping for about a month. I started low and slow, only likes (14/hour @ 224/day) and story views. I avoided follow-for-follow to keep my ratio right and I had the settings targeting very specific audiences.

BUT only two days into the trial of Jarvee bam!
"Your Account Was Compromised"

I can post the specific settings upon request in this forum, but I’m so pissed. Is this going to ruin my account’s credibility score? I know the best way to do this is with an army of bots and mobile proxies, but I’m just starting out. How can I ever scale up if IG can stop me dead in my tracks on day 2 with less than 1K in followers?

if you want to use jarvee to automate follow/unfollow make sure not to login on your phone, let the only login be on jarvee, through a good proxy. Set up your own proxy if you have an extra android phone and you have access to your router.

@Hadi , I really want answers on this so I’m going to clarify my situation:

  1. I’m not using proxies. This is all done on my home IP.
    (I probably won’t if Jarvee can’t even manage a single low user account without getting banned)

  2. I’m not using follow-for-follow,
    (I didn’t want to mess up my ratio, as advised by many people on this board.)

Were you using account on phone while it was doing actions in Jarvee?

This message, it doesn’t have to mean anything. Usera that never used any automation tools get it too. Complete the security check and let it work.

Also contact Jarvee support with screenshot of your settings.


They’ve been really cracking down on mass likes, I’d shy away from a lot of them to start. 200 likes/day on a device that Instagram sees as “new” to your account is probably a good behavioural trigger. If you’re doing actions via the API this could also be a flag.

I don’t do likes via automation, but a slow, daily building follow strategy has worked best for me. Like, starting at 15-25/day, +20/day for any new accounts I’m working with.

Also, I wouldn’t worry too much about the compromised alert as @Adnan mentioned. Seems like everyone has gotten this at some point, regardless of automation.

If you’re doing a lot of likes manually (400-600) per day, I wonder if switching to automation would get flagged? Since the accounts have a history of liking as the only action

Meant to reply to @Adnan but this question could also be for @Stiletto

  1. Yes, I use this account with another person so it’s possible they were on the account as well. But it’s pretty common for my partner to be on their phone while I’m on the pc and both of us are doing things on the acct.

  2. OK, That’s good to know…it seems some people in the responses agree and I found a video as well that confirms it happens to non-automated accounts (Forward to 4:00).

  3. Alright. I just reached out to Jarvee support and I’ll post their response for posterity once I get it.


You can’t blame JV for that.

OK. Let us know how it goes, but don’t post screenshots of your conversation with support, that’s private.

That’s fair…but would that be the action that actually gets flagged? When I mentioned my partner, we were both doing these actions manually and independently from each other but never got flagged before.

Really? I though follow/unfollow would be a riskier strategy than likes.

Yeah. Are you absolutely positive the actions never overlapped at any time? And I would even go so far as to make sure only one is logged in at a time

I know, it technically seems like a “lighter” type of social touch. But if we consider larger FB/IG initiatives to combat government influence, etc., shutting down massive like networks to curb “influence” is a core part of what they’re trying to achieve.

In any case, staying off the API (in my experience) and going very slow with new devices (Jarvee, etc.) should be fine in the end. I’ve gotten tons of flags and blocks on accounts over the past year and the engagement today is just fine.

You won’t know until you try it, but I’m sure that you have less chances to get any kind of action blocks if you use aged account that already did a lot of actions in the past.

It used to be, but lately they’re more sensitive when it comes to likes because they give wrong impression to people/ordinary users.

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I just got kicked out twice. Same account, same compromised message. I turned the likes down to about 50 per day, changed the password on my phone then got Jarvee to log back in. Before it even got to like a single post I got a code 523 Challenge_Required. I tried again, reset the password this time on Jarvee’s embedded browser. I even used the browser to like a few posts and everything seemed fine. But the second I turned on auto like, boom account compromised again…

I really can’t help the feeling that this specific account is getting singled out here. I’m even using Jarvee on a different account and it’s working just fine without problems. I’ve already changed the settings to use the browser only (and avoid API as recommended by @Revelstoke ) I’ve turned the likes waaaaaaaaay down to like 50 a day and still no word back from Jarvee’s support.

I’d recommend you to rest that account for couple of days.

Please send me your email in PM, the one you used to contact support, so I can check out what happened with your ticket. Thanks.

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For the benefit of others looking at this thread, the advice seems pretty in line with this blog for Jarvee blog for Follow/unfollow tools. It pretty much focuses on my lack of a scraper account, which I had previously not done. (A scrapper account is a throw-away account used to extract and scrape users and send them to the Main account that you wish to grow). I was also advised to keep Jarvee off of my account for a few days following the account becoming compromised

This is a little disappointing and confusing as I only had the trial version of Jarvee. I know the people here will gush about it, since I’ve been lurking here for weeks. But I don’t know if I’ll leave this trial with enough info to endorse a full-on purchase, (my partner is full-on discouraging me from doing so after multiple bans.) :pensive:

Regardless, thanks to everyone here for the help.

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As far as I know the jarvee bot falls and I will probably not run on instagram anymore. Better option is bot which is working like normal users. on telephone.

I believe this you should direct to JV support, and not here. Basically nothing we can do about it.
If I was you I would still keep reading. I understand that you say you have been reading on this forum for some time now, and that you are new to this game. But honestly the questions you ask can easily be answered by thousands of threads and guidelines in here.

My 2 cent for you in this situation is rest your account or risk loosing it.

Read guidelines on how to setup your JV properly.

Don’t automate and use account at the same time.

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@DyceThrow, Try this,
If your using your home ip then you wont need a proxy,

  1. mark the instagram account as valid in JARVEE
  2. don’t do anything just let the account sit in JARVEE for a while
  3. turn on browser experience and set it to visit sites with a facebook pixel
    after about a week slowly start automation.
  4. make sure nobody is logged into the account on the phone when JARVEE is automating
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