How does Instagram Automation work in 2022

Hey can anyone sum up how Instagram Automation works safely these days?

  • Which proxies
  • How many accounts per proxy
  • rotating settings
  • Ratio between normal Accounts and scraper accounts.
  • Jarvee settings (EB. etc)
  • Tool settings
  • Which accounts to buy for normal IG accounts (’‘child accs’’)
  • Which accounts to buy for scrapers
  • sim cards ? virtual cards? what about PV?

I have a 250acc plan on Jarvee. How many ‘‘normal IG accounts’’ could I run considering that I also need to run scrapers.

What would be the total cost:

  • Accounts (one time plus maybe small monthly ‘‘replacement costs’’)
  • proxy costs
  • I already have the 1x250acc plan

How many active IG accounts could I possibly run in a Jarvee 250acc-plan?
Can someone briefly sum it up for me?

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All of your questions has been explained many times on the forum just use the search mate…

I always love seeing new people getting into the game! But you know what that means… it’s time for some tough love.

People who know the details are too busy running their own businesses. No one’s going to help you, if you aren’t willing to help yourself.

So the only sound advice I have for you is - test, test, test. And find your sweet spot.


I agree with shiva999. You could run 250 “normal IG accounts” and unlimited number of scraper accounts in a 250-accounts plan.

I am in the game since 2016. Not on IG though, I stopped IG in 2019.
Just doming back to IG. Maybe someone answers my questions very shortly.

Test proxies till you find the ones that are working the best for you.

2-3 scrapers per main account

Test both on all your accounts and see what works better for each account.

Start with very low limits (10-15 follows and unfollows) and then build your way up from there.

You’re a senior member, check out the level 2 threads. You will have enough information there.
You are asking way too many questions without doing any reasearch

  1. 4G Proxies
  2. 3-5accounts/IP, you can rotate once after every 3-5 accounts or based on your own requirement
  3. I’d go with 1 scraper : 3 normal accounts
  4. Trial and error - start with 50 actions
  5. I wouldn’t buy, I’d set them up manually using mobile phones and proxies
  6. You will need real sim cards
  1. You want to be using 4G mobile proxies only
  2. 5 accounts per proxy.
    • i don’t use this.
  3. i don’t use this sorry.
  4. I create my own accounts, i don’t purchase any. There’s software online that does this for you that you can find.
  5. phone verification i use online services that let you use the one phone number consistently, pretty affordable.

Make sure you price all of the above into your package prices for clients.