How does Instagram know where my followers are coming from?

The title says it all.
How does Instagram know where particular users are coming from?

  • Proxy / Location where the most interactions are executed
  • Language / Common words or hashtags used in posts
  • Registration / Initial proxy on which the account was registered
  • Location / Locations used in posts
  • A mix of everything

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I’m curious to see what you guys think. I personally believe that it is the proxy/internet connection on which the most interactions are executed. :slight_smile:


It is is a good question probably a mix of all and some other secret sauce :thinking:


I personally wonder how they can be 100% sure about the origin of a user.
I mean the location where the account was registered seems to be useless, as there are probably millions of users who registered their Instagram when they were on vacation.

Language and common words also probably wouldnt work, as english is used everywhere (for example).

This all leads to the conclusion I have: The location where the most interactions are executed. Which would mean that the origin of an Instagram user can change from time to time.

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I also think that they include multiple sources for locating.

We must not forget that Instagram / Facebook is a huge data monster. I think they can use a lot more data sources.

Just as I’m busy creating fresh, new Instagram accounts, I’m trying to clear all the IDs on my phone so I do not leave any footprints. There are many IDs on the phone that can provide information about yourself, user behavior, location history, and more.

If Instagram / Facebook wanted it, they could write insights on what their subscribers like to eat the most, what their hobbies are, etc. The Facebook Ads Manager is the proof.


Absolutely right.

Never underestimate the power of data, even I can know a lot of information with a big dataset, and I’m only one person doing the work, so imagine what a big company can do. I have worked with a few of them regarding my main job and know a couple of stuff they do, it’s insane! Data is one of the most valuable things for an online corporation.

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