How does it work? IG miracles?

Hi Everyone,

Many websites are selling organic IG growth for a cheap package price. First, I’ve thought they do automation only, but since automation is not working well currently, I’m trying to figure out how they keep selling these services.

Here are examples:

They don’t produce content, so how do they work?

that guy has a lot of slaves on instagram promoting his website. he was doing f/unf with them and redirecting traffic.

He’s accounts are all “empty”. I still don’t getting how they grow target audience organically if he’s using slaves and general shoutout? I mean, there is no target…

What about the other link? They say they can grow up to 100k followers in a month for just $449.99. I don’t believe it will be a good audience as well.

Number of Followers X Quality of Followers

i think they mostly do shutouts or give fake followers

Yeah, perhaps they do something like that!
They sell as a “miracle” solution, and some clients ask for similar results just like they can easily find online. Hard to explain that there is a considerable difference between the services offered.

Just look at his site - especially the “Interviewed by Forbes”
It’s people like this that need to be stopped and give our line of work a bad name.

Also what the actual F…
That’s not a window he’s looking out of. Its a picture frame with a terrible poster…


LOOOOL, thats actually hilarious haha.


Absolutely agree!

One point: people like this guy sells “miracles,” and the average person does not recognize that its kind of scam. These people will not think about how the “Forbes interview” is just blogging into Forbes, or they will not realize the window he’s looking out of.

Another point: how this kind of service manage reviews. There are no bad reviews, so it is made to lead people to believe in their services.

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Yeah!!! How? lol

How would a publication like Forbes feature someone like this and not realize something nefarious is occuring?

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Any toughs about the other example ( ) ?

They’re selling social outreach? lol
I think they just fake it.
Sell followers in drip-feed during a month + like in drip fee => customer will easily get caught.
By doing this it can also bring organic growth if the content is great and rank on hashtag… may be.

For sure fake followers - people can let users download some software for free and then control there accounts from their computer and IP

I think so…