How does this guy do it? 3k-8k followers per day

I’m following this guy on instagram @pavel_ladziak

Here recently his instagram is exploading. Social Blade shows he’s getting between 3k-8k followers per day. It looks like his activity has gone way up recently. His engagement is great. He’s not Following or Unfollowing.

Can anyone look at his profile and see how he is getting so many followers?


Probably the same way this guy did.

Old doochy “grandpas” are a thing now.
People find them entertaining for some reason.
Maybe he is geting shouts from other accounts,maybe he just got lucky.
Most of the big pages on IG that go viral don’t do IM ,they are just original or lucky.


Does he post any other high account pages? A lot of 1M+ pages share each other occasionally to gain new waves of followers

See his profile if its monetized then assume its surely from shoutouts and power likes. If its not monetized then assume he is bit lucky and his posts gone viral or trending somewhere.

He probably bought followers to start rolling, look at the biggest peak, he was gaining followers slowly from 2014 to 2016 then he went from 650k to 4 million in 1 month. Then natural growth to 9 mil. His engagement isn’t bad but it’s not possible to get that jump of 3.3 mil in one month unless you are Selena Gomez.

As for the OP that guy probably started buying followers slowly at 18k. People really underestimate big accounts when it comes to buying followers. 80% of them buys followers cause they have money for it and it will gain them better brand deals because of their popularity.


Vacchi’s net worth is 450 millions US$ and his annual income is about 20M US$.
One of his videos went viral last year and he got all those followers from that.
He is now a sort of celebrity in Italy, everybody knows who he is, they share his videos, talk about him, etc.

Easy to do so, imho, by being a multimillionaire entrepreneur.