How does this work? IG glitch?

When you click on the story highlight under this guys profile, it shows your dp, how does it work?
This doesn’t work from a computer btw check it out on your phone.

What do you guys think?
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Haha. it’s the first time I saw it… I have no idea how it works.

He has gained thousands followers in just several hours without posting anything. I wonder what he’s doing. I found some child accounts as well, but I don’t think he gains that many followers because of those child accounts.

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does not do anything from me – both android and iphone used

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Did you use an IG account with a profile picture?

I read somewhere that this is simply a sticker for comments and he just covered the comment part with something else. But this specific sticker was only available for choosen profiles, mainly Indonesia.

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OK but how is he gaining followers?
I think he was 25k last night if i remember corectly,now sitting at 33k.
I just refreshed his page like 2 minutes after i checked and he gained 100 followers.

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take a good look at those followers. they aren’t exactly real


Now the followers count is 121k.


Either that or it’s because of the nature of the share function which is the most scalable way of getting exposure on any social media platform. When you have something unique or very eye catching you can get that exponential reach very easy.

Just imagine few people sharing this in their WhatsApp or Snapchat groups and their friends share it with their friends and family and so on. What he did is getting the attention of everyone as all people are wondering why their profile picture is showing up suddenly.

Anyways the traffic is not targeted and there is pretty much no business driven goal with this kind of thing. His page has no content and is just driving traffic to this story effect. It’s interesting for sure but not a growth method that could be replicated with every type of account or niche.

I agree, I personally sent this to a bunch of my friends to mess with them

yes, you might be right roy, this is interesting.

Solution edit:
Add comment sticker. Deactivate comments.