How does those music promotion pages on instagram grows their followers in millions?

How does those music promotion pages on instagram grows their followers in millions ?
You probably have seen their comments on yours or others posts saying" promote it on @pagename or dm us @pagename "(you mostly find them in #music tagged posts), I checked their posts and it has hundred thousands of views but less than 50 likes , well they’re definitely using bots, their followers grows every seconds I individually checked some of the followers profile and it follows new accounts Every 10 seconds so I guess it’s bulk account automation thing , so my question is how they do it can anyone explain everything to me ?

If you want to check out here are some of the pages :

Either they are using SM panels for fake followers or they actually own millions of fake accounts themselves. Funny when people actually believe accounts like this are legit. I see fitness accounts like this often.

The comments will be from a bot

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Wym by Dm panel for fake followers ?

I also think it’s the second one they creat all the accounts and manage them, how they’re doing it then I mean how could they creat all this accounts and manage?it’s like 25k+ growth a day so they’re creating 25k account how!!?

For the comment they use the created accounts to Comment on Posts obviously

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SM PANEL I mean. You can buy fake followers and they drop straight away

I don’t think they bought them cause the posts have many views , also the page it self has automation in Dm, whatever wether they created themselves or buy it from sellers it’s still created by someone so how they do it tell me if you know that’s what I’m looking for sir

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Sm panels can do all that stuff! Google or check the marketplace you will see what they can do. They are bot accounts

Unfortunately there is no international payment system in my country so I can’t pay for the service ,
I want to do it my self sir

Something else to think about is how long they have been going to get this sort of growth. For instance, if it’s a ten year old network they could have very strong foundations and a huge number of accounts grown from the golden days of botting.


Interesting, how they grow.

I think they have bought fake followers, I scrolled through their posts, their old posts are still there. They changed the niche a few months ago, then the number of likes dropped from thousands to below 100.


Yeah those followers are dying off fast it seems.

yes fake followers are the answer here it is obvious from the stats Ossi shared

How can I creat that amount of fake followrs myself?

The question is how can I creat that amount of fake followers myself and manage them as I want.

Fake followers definitely isn’t the way to go. You should probably try to find your own way in SMM, not copying others bad strategies (won’t go far with fake followers/interactions).

yeah, I agree with denis here, there is no need to go on that path, you won’t benefit much afterward, but if you want you can buy all that amount of fake followers and use them instead of doing the same.

They most likely use bot. You can create accounts using Jarvee IG Create Accounts tool.

It’s hard to create accounts and keep new accounts alive, you need high quality proxies and a lot of patience. :slight_smile: I suggest you try the software to learn how it works, once you create new accounts successfully, you can scale it up to create as many accounts as you want.

Omg I don’t want to buy I want to creat bulk accounts my self

Does it creat bulk accounts I thought it’s just for managing already created accounts , and how many accounts can I creat a day with jarvee?

Btw all my accounts I created to follow people’s are being deactivated so fast when I follow like 100 accounts a day , I saw a brand new accounts following more than 1k right away after creation , how can I create those kind of high trust score long lasting accounts ??

Ps: my ip is flagged by instagram whenever I create a new account it will direct me to capatcha , I created those accounts using vpns , actually they last longer if I follow slowly but I want to create a high trust score accounts like those
And lastly I don’t have that much knowledge about proxy’s , user agents and related stuffs please explain it well

Wow ok u have a big plan the question is what is your budget and how much cost one 4G Data Mobile Tariff or 4G Phone Tariff in your Country.

If u want 25K own Accounts u need 12,5K-25K SIM Cards better 25K to get the high trust score that u want. The best results we have if we create the account with a real unique phone (never was created a new account on this phone) and make a Warm Up on this phone manually. If u do all with a normal SIM Card and Real Phone u can make still for etc 3 Days a lot of actions and you also can follow 100 Accounts in 10 Minutes if your finger are fast enough. Than we try to get 100 Follow Manually and than we add the account to the Software. And than it starts u need unique content if u use content the already exist in tons on instagram the spider see it fast and your trust score falls and u lose your Account. Also what we notice is, if u dont post 30 Days and make a lot of actions your trust score are falling and u lose fast your Accounts. So try to post minimum 1 post all 30 Days that are unique and never postet before. Human faces has the best results for us.

And the next one u need a lot of locations. U cant make one proxy server on 1 location with 25K SIM Cards. I dont know how many people are living at your area but if u dont live in a city with millions of people, it can happen that all your proxy server get lost. And than u lose over night all your 25K Proxies and have to buy again all the Server/PC. U also will need strong Sever/PC to handle 25k Proxies and a lot of very strong PC to run all this accounts.

Try to open 25k Browsers on your PC go to instagram and look Storys your PC will die :slight_smile:

Because if your PC runs to 100% CPU and 100% RAM the actions stocks and your account are losing trust level and its high rise to lose accounts.

So in the end u will need alone for the SIM Card 10$/month for Internet/SMS function like 250.000$ / Month. And than many Locations and all the Server/PC/Router/Modems/Phones. Make your own calculation. If u have the Money good luck with this big project :slight_smile:

PS: Ahh and its real imprtant that this accounts looks real. If real people block or claim this account u lose it over night without warning. And no Chance to get it back.

Sorry for my bad English