How exactly engagement groups work?

yo its a good day!
i recently joined a free for all engagement group
i had a few likes/& comments on my posts by 20k-200k ig profiles
how does its exactly will help my ig profile growth?
thx for your wisdom pips



Loved that article <3

Basically, if Instagram was a person at a desk with all the accounts created spread out on his desk, his job is to catagorize those accounts and group them up. He looks at 3 accounts and notices one is a fashion niche, another luxury, and yet another about love quotes. Obviously these accounts have different audiences, so Instagram says “okay Im going to put these 3 accounts into 3 seperate groups”. Now. What engagement groups are is basically getting people that are in your category to interact with your posts. Instagram sees all this activity on your posts and says “wow he’s popular! I better get him front of a bigger audience”, thus getting you profile growth. BUT, the important thing to remember is all interaction is not equal. If I’m a luxury car account, and I’m in an engagement group full of makeup tutorial accounts, thats no good. The audiences don’t really mix well. So yes, correctly used, engagement groups can work wonders. Let me know if my explanation made any sense haha I’ll clarify anything you need :slight_smile:

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ty tyty you explained it very good, umm the people on my groups are
pretty much random, cars, luxury, quotes, make up, bloging, but no art
will it effect me bad in the long run? thx for your wisdom once again

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Thanks, just love to help. So you have an Art account? Well like I said, it all depends on the quality of what kind of engagement you are getting. My recommendation is to dm similar accounts (niche, size, post schedule) and start a nice group of your own. Best thing is once you have accumulated the first 10 people, they are likely to know 1-3 more people that are the same. Then its just the snowball effect from there.