How far do you agree with this

I recently came across this thread and wanted to run the data though this amazing community. It will be helpful for others to see the realistic conversion rates and take an action

Your instagram media conversion rate = 15%
15% of 500.000 = 75,000 prospects on your mailing list for $30 investment.
Email marketing conversion rate = 10%
Total Buyers = 10% of 75,000 = 7,500
Product Cost = $15
Total Sales = 7,500 * $15 = $112,500

This is his calculations in this book.

Basically he means that you have to pay $30 for a shoutout on a 500k Account and that 15% of those followers will submit to your email newsletter and that 10% of those will actually buy your product.

I think he forgot that you usually only get about 1 - 5% engagement rate.

How far do we agree with this calculations

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I don’t think you can get a shoutout for $30 on 500K accounts, at least not those accounts that have good engagement rate. At least I wouldn’t sell them for that price.

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Totally bogus - but what can you expect from a WSO :wink: they’re all made up stuff by people that mostly never did that themselves.

If he can find an account with 500k followers that will sell shoutouts for $30 it most probably is a fake with bot followers but not even those are that cheap.

As for those huge conversion rates, if he would have ever come close to his email list would have know they are quite impossible, unless you’re maybe Jesus preaching to the people…

As for the link, it’s in the members part of the BHW so it won’t be available for people without an account there.

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Agree with Johnny, no way you are gonna get a shoutout for those prices.

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As stated above, no real account with 500K and 15% engagement (if that exists…) will do shotout for 30$, neither you will have 75.000 email submissions. NO WAY!
From my experience and doing something similar in my accounts with real followers, interested on the promoted stuff, from one shotout at +70.000 account, I got like 400 clicks… So forget about getting 75.000 submissions from a 500K account. Probably and in the best case you will go near 4000 email submissions… And from that 4000 you will get about 100 sales if you are lucky.