How hard would it be to kickstart in a FB group?

I am going to start bringing my email list into a FB group but I don’t want it to be unactive when they join up - so my question is how hard would it be to have bots make posts and comment on each other and make the group seem active.

Sounds hard to do with bots, at what benefit? Why not try scheduling software? Or hire a Fiver VA. I

Start topics right away when they join your fb group. Also tag the new users and tell them to introduce themselves, try to create a sense of community. You can also use friends to kickstart discussions etc.

I have never done a FB group before so would not want to hurt the credibility of my brand by it failing

I have always be interested in doing a FB group. Many seem to be very successful. Keep us updated.

Best to have a kickstart is to buy a junk off topic group and re-brand it to your own name.

Delete all the posts and start from scratch with new posts to make it look active. This can be done with IFTTT or MP.

Require admin approval for all posts until the topic changes and people post properly.

I have this method on hundreds of groups and I am at a 100% Success rate.

Only problem is when you ave an active successful group, you become a target for bad people to attack your accounts trying to take ownership of your groups.

Always have several accounts and pages added to admin for your groups. This will protect you from losing everything when one of your accounts get’s killed.

This method works well and takes about 30 days to work out the bugs. After that you have a large branded active group for you to set on autopilot and start another.


How much do you usually buy the existing groups for?

For Non American Groups, I can get them for $100 for 100k members. This all depends on engagement levels within the groups.