How Hypeauditor extracts audience´s data like country, city, age and genre?


Someone could tell me a hint how Hypeauditor extracts audience´s data like country, city, age and genre?

I believe that part of these information are extracted from the geotag and profile bio, but this isn’t enough to accurately report these information.


It works with USERNAMES and other stuff like: tags, captions etc.

There is no way to get that data without Authorized login in with that accounts (you are able to do it with IG Api if you are logged in).

Jhony, Mickey, Thomas who has it on their BIO/Username/Name will be male

So they have a list of usernames for each language so they can target Gender.
Had meeting with company who is preparing tools like this, they didnt just explained me how Age works.


Highly probable through the IG API

I won’t tell you that you are wrong…but that would be a very bad approach.

Who can tell where a person lives or comes from by the name, I give you an example, where is Andrea Panek from?

First assumption would be that she is a lady from eastern Europe, but actually he is a man from Italy.

Of course we need to define what location are we talking about, people travel, people change countries, etc. No doubt that checking IP addresses you will have at least an idea of the location that the audience uses IG.

@Design.SA we are trying to figure it out as well.

Some people say that it is simply impossible, I believe that you can get to some degree of accuracy but as a general indication only.

I am saying what we found on Business Facebook Develeport and what told me agency who wanted to sell me this software. Before I wanted to buy it I wanted to ask them how it works.

If they would have better way, for sure they would say that, since I had the same doubts.

They are pretty huge company in Poland selling their tool to bigges agencies here.

It works only if you have acces to account so you are able to get this data.

Yes @ciras I understand your point, all depends on the level of accuracy that you require.

Most of these calculations are defective.

The way you are able to check is to compare your account results from hypeauditor to your real data which you can check on Business accounts on IG.

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I think that another possibility could be Google Vision.

It can identify people, objects, places.


For business accounts, this can be done using api.
For private you can guess based on the data. did a good job and they had it nicely described on the blog, but IG closed them :expressionless:


@ciras, what is the name of this Poland tool?

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@ciras, Do you know how much does it cost?

Wouldn’t that be highly inaccurate though? I mean I can create a fanpage for a girl, put her name in the bio and as username but I myself am a male.

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@IGsocialize, There is no way to get the ip without forcing the user to interact with a link or a direct message. Do you know another way to get the ip on Instagram?

I am able to ask them anything you want, I am not connected to this tool but I personally know the guys who made it.

I bet they charge per monitoring account, or acces to database.

We also with them created unique Hashtags generator, which we will start today.

@ciras, please ask them about pricing if possible and how they get audience age info.