How I made $27,843 from selling shout-outs (Part 2 deleted)

This is the second time I post this, as the first time it got flagged. I deleted the Part 2 from the post and hope it will stay for longer this time. For everybody who is willing to put the effort in, there is serious money in this.

As we all know the golden days of botting are over. While it still might work for some, for me it’s just not worth the time anymore. I used to make good (& easy!) money with client management and promoting CPA offers through my own accounts. Now I make less than half of what I used to do whilst having twice as much work to do. I know, some people will say now “You just don’t try hard enough” or pretend to be happy that there is “less competition” for them on the market. But. Let’s be honest: Noone is making as easy money as we used to do. I rather work smart than hard.

So what was I left with? Around 20 niche Instagram accounts with 10K-20K Followers which I used for CPA Promotion when botting was still beautiful and alive. So what I’m doing now is simply contacting IG pages within the different niches (manually) offering them paid shout-outs.

I write about 20 DM’s per account per day. Around 10% end up buying a shout-out from me. Per shout-out I charge between $5-15.

Doing this for a little over 2 months now and calculated my earnings today: So far I made $27,843.

Part 2 deleted


Nice story bro, but, let me doubt it.
No wonder why you got flagged/deleted before. :laughing:

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It’s up to everybody to believe what they want :slight_smile:

This seems like a constant problem in this space. One person says ‘Hey I made $xxxxxx’ and then someone comes and says ‘No, you didn’t’.
I get that people make ‘too good to be true’ promises all the time on the internet, and there really isn’t a way to verify them.
@hugoboss it might be useful for those of us learning to actually see examples of some of your posts. I think we all know there is no such thing as a unique idea for a niche.
@Noirorion - I get that you probably have seen so many of these posts. For those of us learning, it would be super useful to get extra context from you as to why you doubt it. I don’t have a reference point to know what’s a credible claim or not.

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He got a post deleted for trying to sell a website to convert the leads… Check his activity here and you will understand.

Also some basic maths are enough to realise his BS.



What do you mean with examples of post?

I try to find smaller accounts within the same niche who are just starting out (approx. 500-2000 Followers)

For example if one of my accounts is in the girl/model niche, I just look up agency accs for example and message their followers (which will be typically models)

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If something is free it’s not selling, it’s giving away.

Basic math:
20 messages x 20 accounts x 0.1 conversion rate x $10 = $400/day

Obviously, if you have less accounts with less followers you make less money. BUT, if you’re willing to put in the work, you’ll make the bucks.

Just wondering since you are selling shoutouts, if they do roll out the plan to remove the view of likes globally, what would you do?