How I Made My First $100k dropshipping with Amazon/eBay

This is dropshipping on Amazon and sourcing from eBay

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Definitely let me know if you have any questions. I recommend just taking the first steps to set up an account and mess around with listing products with the goal of making your first sale on any product.

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Definitely some good numbers! I make most of my money by selling big box items so I don’t do much advertising. I’m just selling Samsung, apple, Microsoft, etc products that I’m sourcing for much cheaper on eBay than what they sell for on Amazon. I’ve sourced my own products as well and use a variety of marketing methods for that, but the easiest way to enter into the dropshipping game is by selling a product that has brand awareness already.

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It definitely still works in Europe even though things are different. I sell some items in Europe even though I’m based in the US just by sourcing them from European markets.

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I have my own website in addition and drive traffic using the money I make on Amazon. Amazon is definitely the way to start dropshipping though (or eBay) if you don’t have a whole lot of starting capital. This methods requires essentially no startup capital.

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Good evening,

How did you manage to get so many sales? How come people on amazon don’t chose to buy with Prime for 1 day delivery? I guess on eBay its a way longer delivery time. And most important how did you advertise your product ?
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Hey Tudor,

Thanks for the questions. First of all, Amazon made me VERY aware of how stupid people can be… not shopping around for prices, just wanting quick fixes, etc. What I’ve come to learn is that if people want to buy something online they will just go to a name they know (Amazon being a very popular name), search one time for the product they want, and just purchase the cheapest option. Obviously this isn’t everyone one, but this is a large subset of America. Kind of made me lose faith in humanity a little bit, but I digress.

Furthermore, my prices were usually cheaper than the prime shipping prices, so even prime users would by my items because it was less expensive even though they were already indirectly paying more by having a prime subscription. Its things like this that opened my eyes to how easy it is to make money on the internet haha. Something about clicking a button instead of swiping a card or handing someone cash makes dumb people even easier to get money out of than in person.

My shipping was never more than 5 days and usually was around 3 days. I also was able to leverage buying from people at different locations, so sometimes I’d splurge and buy a product for a few extra dollars if I knew the seller on eBay was geographically closer to my buyer on Amazon than the cheapest eBay seller was.

Lastly, I didn’t advertise my products at all. Except one time I did a small campaign that turned out really well, but I didn’t really need to advertise. The products I was seller were all big box names like Apple, Motorola, Dyson, Samsung, Dell, HP, etc. The market knows their products already and they spend the advertising dollars for me :slight_smile:

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how exactly did you pick what ebay sellers to use. I know some items that i bought from ebay recently arrived around a week late each and that was for just me.

Is there a certain way you knew who to buy from and who not to? Also how do you keep your shipping in a certain time frame. Do you pay for expedited etc?

Also, are you concerned with how items are shipped? I know some ebay sellers literally will ship items in unrelated boxes. For instance, I got a poster shipped in a pro flowers box


This is an art in and of itself. Obviously this is the risk as you are only as good as the person you are buying from on eBay. Look at their reviews. Do a test buy to yourself if you have an skepticism and go from there. If the buyer has poor reviews, don’t go with them unless you want to take that risk.

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Epic thread. Some nice nuggets in here to learn and implement. Thanks bud!

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Ok, but, we want know how you promote these products? with IInstagram accounts?

Hi @Chopblock
Thanks so much for this awesome info. I’ve got 1 question…for now. How does buying in bulk from eBay and Shipping to Amazon work?. Are the ebay sellers ok with shipping to an unverified address? Do you send them an email and explain that 20 items need to go to 20 different addresses? Also, do you sell items one at time on Amazon? Do you list single items or list at 20 items being available? Is there ever a situation when there is more demand than supply?
Ok…that was more than 1 question.


Do you have to order the products to your home? so do I need to have the stock with me?

Do you list items with your own UPC? or just as “Available from other sellers”? If you do UPC do you have a brand code or buy them second hand?

What kind of price discrepancy do you usually look for between Amazon and eBay?

For example, let’s say I found an item selling for $.99 each on eBay, and people are selling them for $7 for a 4-pack on Amazon. Could I just match the 4-pack and sell for $5? ($1 price difference), or would Amazon’s fees be too high? Is there a way to quickly and efficiently cross-reference pricing and potential profit?

Thanks for making this post! Always excited to learn more about dropshipping!

Interesting thread. Gonna bookmark this

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ok so im trying this out, i just signed up for amazon seller account and i actually found a couple items already that i want to sell on amazon. So now here is my question, how do i go about finding the ranking of these items that you were talking about. Ive tried googling it and i get a lot of advertisement for companies trying to sell me on their algorithm. Is there a way to check it on amazon its self?


This is great. I have another question; can this method be implemented as Amazon or ebay as the store front and using another store as the supplier? let’s say a supplement store.

Does’t Amazons T&C say you must hold the phsical product to be able to sell on Amazon? Means basically no dropshipping. I don’t really care but would be sad if they close my account as it is pretty hard to open another seller account especially if you want to use their FBA service for your own products.

Have you ever had any issues with them?

it purchases the item from a third party and has it shipped directly to the customer. As a result, the merchant never sees or handles the product.
Hope this answers your question bro

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