How I Made My First $100k dropshipping with Amazon/eBay

Hey man, what dropshipping software were you using to keep track of inventory, etc?

There are many for Amazon to eBay, not sure if viceversa.

Dropshipping isn’t against ToS however, dropshipping from eBay is against ToS because its taking an item from a competitor and selling it. However, they would NEVER be able to figure this out.

I just tracked everything using an excel spreadsheet :wink:

Definitely, in fact this would increase profit margins, its just a matter of finding those reliable suppliers and those items that sell. Using eBay as the supplier just gives you ENDLESS amounts of items to sell, but legit dropshipping is a great way to go as well.

The best way to check the sales rank is through the product listing page. In the dashboard of seller central you will be able to add a product. You will want to pretend as if you are adding the item, and once you get to the page where you’d confirm the listing it will contain the Amazon Sales Rank.

Another way is to just search the product on Amazon and scroll down to the sale rank which is on every BUY page on amazon.

good job ! i love it

thank you bro for this amazing tips, but i have a question, please.
how could you sell ebay products in amazon without getting suspended, because i already tried that, but i get suspended, because ebay shipping take so much timeee !!

do you put link on your caption post? how people can visit your site? or you just put 1url on BIO?
how many account do you run?

eBay believes that its reputation and brand name is at risk when dropshipping from Amazon to ebay allowed since customers buy from eBay and get Amazon branded packages. First, The customers feel they could have bought the same product for a cheaper price

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great post!! How can the business be scaled to 1m?

I’ve been dropshipping from amazon to eBay becuase the prices are cheaper on Amazon!
It looks like to me that all the dropshippers are using amazon products to drop ship on eBay , I could never find better prices on eBay to put on amazon .

Is this still a good method for drop shipping?

Definitely still works! The opposite works as well using Amazon as the supplier and selling on eBay.

Pro tip: Use Home Depot as a supplier as well. Lots of profit to be made there!

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I’ll definitely be giving that’s a try and I appreciate the tip man

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How do you markup the price? Do you charge higher than competitors or just beat their prices? How do I find out the whole sale price? Also, how do you go about doing this? Do you have to do it manually for every order? Or is there an automated way to do this? Like I get an order from Ebay and then I talk to to the amazon supplier to send it to that address? Or vice versa?

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Love this thread!

Have done similar in the past

If you buy from ebay and sell on Amazon FBA it works really well

If you use a number of auction sniping tools that can help a lot too


Interesting method of sniping, but consume lot’s of time :smiley:


This is definitely time consuming at first. The beauty of this is that you can outsource everything to a VA after a while, from product sourcing all the way to daily management. That is when you can scale this business like no other. Create multiple Amazon Seller Stores and then you are talking BIG numbers. I know people doing $15,000,000 and netting 10-20% of that running 100’s of Amazon stores using this exact method.

The internets is crazy man.

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Hey Chopblock

Could you use this method vice versa, amazon to eBay?

Very interesting method, thanks a lot for sharing this. Going to give this ago