How i target my meal?

yo gangstas and prankstas
whats good? any scoop? anyways!
i read alot about targeting audience and stuff, i dont really understand it
for example "visit similar niche profile and target hes followers"
please explain to me this action homies,
do i need to start follow/unfollow those people? comment on their posts etc
sorry for being newbie, im new in this joint
thx for you wisdom gang
hola cha boy
back to back :open_hands:

Yes, that is correct. Just follow targeted people. Don’t comment. Comment is risky

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i see, follow/unfollow method? why comment is risky?
like their posts aswell?
thx for your comment G

Yep, follow/unfollow.

Comment is risky because IG give harsher restriction to comment.

You can do like as well


thx for your wisdom

Follow/unfollow, like.

I don’t comment either. People know the “generalized” bot comments and sometimes you’re saying “cool” to someone losing their loved ones … not so cool then


how exactly follow/unfollow works? do i just follow then unfollow second after?
or the next day or something like that?

Wait a few days, 2 at a minimum imo and then unfollow them, dont do it right after following. Also imo its best to follow up to 6500 people then stop following and start unfollowing down to around 500-1000 and start following again, this is because there is a limit of 7500 people that you’re allowed to follow so you dont want to go over it/get near it

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kk thx for your wisdom sir

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I ever used comment. my instagram is fact niche, i grab hundred of fact from internet and used random. I just comment on specific hastag like country etc. So i comment like this :

Wow great picture, but did you know there is enough water in Lake Superior to cover the entire landmass of North and South America in one foot of liquid.

The comment format like
Word (about niche) + Fact
Word (about niche) + Tips

The result is they respon for the comment and following back. :joy:


thx for your wisdom