How IG check and verify IP? ie. 1x router 3x PC with 5x IG accounts on each?

I’m trying to understand how IG acts with IP.

If for example I have 1 router and connect to it 3 PC, and each PC have 5 IG account (maxed allowed per device) so I should be safe posting from those 3 PCs (using Gramblr), although I suppose IG sees only 1x IP of my router?

When I restart my router it gets from my ISP new IP and when I log in to IG accounts I immediately receive email from IG to each IG account that they’ve detected new login to my account from new IP.

So in this case I think that one router and 3 PCs with 5 IG accounts on each should be safer? Looks more human?
Do I understand it correctly?

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Did you ever find an answer for this? I’m in a similar situation trying to find an answer

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Internal IP’s will be different, hardware ID’s will be different for each set of accounts, but the external IP’s will all be the same one assigned to your cable model/router that the ISP provides you, I believe. So it will be like having 15 accounts on one IP, but with multiple devices for each of those that you add them to.

Not sure if 15 accounts all doing things nonstop all day from the same IP would be looked at as good or bad, unless you’re a big family with vastly different accounts doing things randomly throughout the day.


It makes no difference if you run 5 accounts on 3 different PCs or 15 accounts on one PC.
The external IP from all your computers using the same router will be the same.

Whether you will face issues depends on the amount you do.
In general I would not use more than 5 accounts from the same IP at one given time.


I would listen to what @ian and @socialgain said.

I’m not sure how gramblr works. I would recommend JARVEE. You’ll get a lot more support since the majority of this forum uses JARVEE.

One IG app can have 5 IG accounts attached to it. Every time you add an account to JARVEE, it is running on “its own device”. So however many you have running on a computer won’t matter at all. It’ll just be like having 15 people on one IP.

There are some people who’ve tested using one IP in the past. Can it be done? Sure. Is it recommended? No.

With JARVEE, rebooting your router with 5 accounts shouldn’t cause the issues you have. Heck, that shouldn’t happen with any software. If 15 accounts use the same IP and work, just leave it.

The WORST thing you can do on an IP is account creation. Limit yourself to creating and then running them on the same IP.

Don’t try to run 15 accounts on one IP and then create accounts.

You can reboot your router and you’ll get a new IP. But everything else will create a fingerprint.


OH, Gramblr. Yeah, it’s basically an uploader but if you play the games you get “coins” for likes.

You can upload from your desktop by spoofing your UA. I use the BP proxy switcher.

Spoof the UA to a mobile one. You can use proxies on it so that it helps to mask your local IP, but you might need more than that. Been a while since I’ve done it.

Even better is multilogin. It saves the cookies etc each time and helps you hide webrtc etc etc. It’s an all in one.

I would avoid the “coins for playing games” thing at all costs.


With Jarvee you won’t have those issues. I highly recommend the switch.


Thank You for all those answers guys.Yes, I’m trying to do things from different accounts at different times. Will see how it goes further.

The only reason I consider using JARVEE is follow/unfollow, like and comments since I really hate doing it half manually like I’m doing it now and with very little results :frowning:

But I could only afford cheapest plan of Jarvee $30 per month (for 10 IG accounts) and nothing more (I don’t have more money) - meaning I would still have to run it at my house on one of my PC’s with my own IP. And I don’t earn any money from my IG accounts yet (they are new).

So overall it would be the same or even worst (10 accounts from one PC) but with automated follow/unfollow, like and comments.

Will JARVEE always post my photo/video around scheduled time? I found out that Gramblr not always posting my photo/video and it drives me nuts because I would like to plan posts for entire month and forget about IG focusing on my other content. Now I have to check if everything is posted the way I planned it and if not delete and repost :frowning:

$30 a month is cheaper than buying 2 more computers to post.

Yes, JARVEE allows scheduling of posts.

If you want to run 10 accounts, I would stagger the times that they work. And introduce them slowly over a month or so until you have them working as you’d like.

Definitely don’t change the IP of your router if that causes PV.

Someone a long time ago brought up an interesting point. Universities etc have hundreds if not thousands of social media accounts running off one static IP. That IP somehow has a ridiculous trust score for this all to be allowed since so many people would be creating accounts etc.

I think the only way it works is that they have so many different internal IPs. That is what gives it that level of trust. So basically they can tell that there are 200,000 connected devices because of the assigned IP etc.

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Thank You @wortime

I know it allows it. I’m curious if posts will be posted :slight_smile:
In Gramblr I can schedule a post but sometimes it won’t post it and it’s no longer available in Gramblr so I have to check manually what has been posted and what not :frowning:

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Maybe someone else who runs 10 accounts on a single home IP can chime in. I think it would be very few people.

There seems to be an issue with posting on IG in general. I would just have the tools paused when it posts, then start them after. It’ll take a little setup, but you’d be using a trusted IP as long as you don’t burn it out or flag it.

I would just have them all set to different days etc. never having more than 3-4 “working” at any one time/day and increasing until you find what works.

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Thank You for your answer @wortime

I thought that JARVEE might have some feature to check if post was posted and if not - try to post it again until it is actually posted.

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Hurrr Duurrr… Sorry, long night and first cup of coffee.

Yes, it tells you if a post was successful. But the new thing with IG will show that it is posted, but IG has deleted it. It’s not a JARVEE bug, but appears to be IP/IG related.


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Thank You @wortime I really appreciate your answers.

Looks like I have no choice but to try JARVEE myself.

If I could actually plan all my posts in JARVEE for entire month for 10 accounts and forget about IG - it would be OMG :wink: We’ll see… :slight_smile: