How IGTV Land on Explorer?

With IGTV Instagram still try to help people reach out with it as they want it abseloutely to work so i see always igtv and stories on explorer and i wanted to know what is reason behind it just massie exposure because of good engagement or something else ?

how do you know its a failure ?

i was talking about the igtv launch compared to stories of course it working and people consume it as ig do everything too but when it started it wasn’t like now

i mean do you have some data statistic to back up your saying , a lot of people say that FB ads is shit cus its not working for them but in the other hand we see a lot of big players and even small one still invest in the platforme

so who’s right ? are those firms crazy and throwing their money ? for sure no

its just in our personal perspective its not working but that does not mean the platforme or its features are failure you got me ?

do you remember when people comment put the damn phone on landscape when you make a video cus the standard was so but nowdays i see that people get used to it you got me but thats just my perzonal view cus idk how much people are liking or not but i do know that i dont see such comments often like i used to

well to package it up maybe igtv its not running inyour fav but that does not mean its a failure i see it as a big hit and for sure it will evolve to more just like youtube and i think that Fb inc tried to compete with youtube using their fb videos and now is doing it with ig and they wont let such huge market they want their part of the pie video its one of the most consumed format nowdays and its most effective for all kind of marketing goals

so my advice to you be adventurer test crazy things get conclusions rince & repeat till you find out your perfect sauce otherwise you will not go any further if you keep blaming the platforme where you play

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what are you talkin about bro i didn’t said that igtv is a failure read it again i said igtv LAUNCH wic means first months were difficult i know that igtv is a big potential and helped new creators get new followers if i wasn’t i would’t create this thread lol