How important is consistency to the algorithm?

I posted almost everyday for about 3 months. Then took a break this week and only posted once. I posted today and yesterday, but the posts are doing much worse than they normally would. Is this normal?

Last month I took a 2 weeks break and my next post didn’t perform very well.
Then I started to post consistently again and it was back to normal.
But I’ve seen content creators posting only once a week or less and getting viral even after a long time without posting, so there aren’t clear rules about that.

But of course it’s better to stay consistent for your audience and brand image.

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But does the accounts have a lot of followers.

Hi @oolongo I was going to ask the same question, any idea about how much the consistency is important to the algo, I know it’s important but to what degree?

also, @bentiktok did you try anything different with the posts, or are they the same content that you used to post? did you make any changes?

@Luca same content as always. Since coming back I got 0% fyp on my new video so maybe I got shadowbanned which would be quite upsetting.

yeah, that could be the reason to, just keep posting every day for the next week or 10 days and see if there are any changes.