How important is follow back ratio?

Hey guys,

I’m doing the IG + Ogads method. I was wondering how important is follow back ratio for this method?

I have a horrible follow back ratio (Less than 5% on average) but my Landing page views are generally around 10% of my daily follows e.g if i follow 222 people, i usually get around 20 views.

Should i pay attention to my follow back ratio at all?

With CPA accounts I don’t think having a good follow back ratio is very important overall because most CPA accounts don’t survive very long. With this said, your follow back ratio can be a good indication of whether or not you are following/targeting the right people or not.

Thanks @Smylie, but don’t you think i should disregard the FB ratio and focus solely on my Landing page views?

Landing page views should be your first priority. However, the better targeted your followers are, the more landing page views you will get. At the end of the day, the landing page is where you make the money.

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It definatley will affect your ctr to your lp because people will trust accounts with a higher following.
But its not something you need to worry about.

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Good point Red.

Social proof is important.

Yo lee, I’d recommend you start setting up some really good spun text DM’s to targeted people with those accounts for more clicks. like. alot more clicks.

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Should i send 1 DM for every how many followers? And should i tell them to check my bio?

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There are settings around here. Sorry, Im doing more than a few things rn. but def search and it should come up quick.

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13 char or more

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i dont know how ogads really work, not really into this things
do you getting paid for views?
i run my personal art profile, selling commission works.

You setup content lockers or captchas, you can also sell OGad products.

so you get paid for views?

You lock content.

In order for a user to get to the content you’re offering, they have to complete an offer(A survey or install etc.). So you only get paid if the offer is completed.

Nice profile pic by the way…uncle June :sunglasses:

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