How is this instagram post possible?

How is this post possible on instagram?

Hmm :thinking:

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Something like this I guess?

Alright, why aren’t the blocks glitching though :sweat_smile::man_facepalming:

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Thats cool!
Never seen anything like it.
Maybe Instagram is playing around with their settings, lets hope they allow higher quality uploads!

inb4 long cat starts to show up on IG

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I can’t open the post, but from the looks of it, they just cropped the photo and added the white space in a photo manipulation editor and posted it.

So they actually added a white rectangle to fill the space for the dimensions of a post in instagram.

Sorry, this page isn’t available.

The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed

Guess it’s not anymore :thinking:

It’s gone, apparently instagram is more present here on the forum than reading the verge. :sweat_smile: We goota be careful what we share here, maybe they crawl the forum and “fix” all our methods…

Edit. Found another one:

It would be funny, but don’t think so, probably a lot of people abused this and a lot of others reported it.

If there is anyone from IG here though… would you mind giving us a sign :smiley: You know it’s nice to also share, not only profit :stuck_out_tongue: