How legit is Dan Pena and his QLA course?


How legit is Dan Pena and his QLA course?


Based on his videos he might be as helpful as Dan Lok or Tai Lopez.


so practically useless


most of the courses are for people new to internet or instagram and trust me they have no secret at all many times i felt sad just watching their courses cus i wasted some time keep in mind i did not buy the course i dl from the net for free and still can feel sad for the wasted time

so you can imagine how much sadness (maybe& i hope you it wony be your case ) you can gzt if you buy it
my advice dont buy cus they dont deserve it they just make simple trick look amazing thats all


Legit or not, it doesn’t matter.
Never buy courses/e-books, simply find them for free on google/forums related to money making.


All these guru type courses are worthless, you can learn everything by searching online and testing on your own. Please stop buying these.


Not very helpful :slight_smile:


Thank you, I’ve seen his lectures on youtube and he sells BS


I researched his courses heavily a while ago and I think his company buying strategy might have worked 20-30 years ago but I don’t think it’s viable anymore for people not in business for many many years. That’s how most of his big successes made their money. Find an industry that is a bit chaotic, buy a bunch of small/medium size companies and merge them into one big one, exit with a lot of money. Main thing being, use other people’s reputation to get credibility to be able to buy the businesses.

I’d say the value people get from it nowadays is mostly from the accountability of having spent 18K on a weekend, and someone yelling at you for being lazy.


He’s definitely in a higher tier than 99% of the business “gurus” online, but the only things I’ve gathered from him that have benefited me are things to do with work ethic. The whole buying businesses and negotiating with banks etc never interested me, but maybe it does work- I just haven’t tried it personally.