How likely IG is to ban aged accounts?

Have 1 main business account (about 2 years old), 1 business related account (about 4 years old), 1 personal account (about 5 years old) and another business related account (3 months old). Going heavy on all of them except the personal one. All 4 were created on my phone and link to the same main website. Pretty much use all of them on my phone as well. How likely IG is to ban them? And would it ban all of them if that was to happen or there is a chance it would ban only a few selected ones? Would appreciate any insight or tips.

If you get a high authority report , the will most likely be vanished . Should be easy to reactivate tho since they are “legit” ?


@HenryCooper you mean even one report from a high authority account could do it?

Depends on the website . And how spammy the other accounts are . But if a human moderator looks over things , the spot the bad apples fast normally .

@HenryCooper that’s pretty intense. Its just a landing page with just an email subscription for now. Would stopping all activity for a day or two a week would help at all? Appreciate the insight:+1:

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Don’t worry so much , it is Instagram . You can get banned accounts easily back if they are worth putting the effort into . Tho i understand that “linking” accounts with fingerprints is a really hard topic . I would need to write pages to cover this topic :stuck_out_tongue: . Forgive me


They can definitely get banned. However I have never experienced all of them get banned in the same time. It’s done automatically and they just get banned in some cases and in one time only one or some of your accounts. It doesn’t matter if it’s an aged or new account, they can get banned. :slight_smile:
But it’s fairly easy to get those accounts back.

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Oh I see. How would one go about getting the back in case it happens? And probably wont be able to go heavy on them after that?

You can get banned on any account regardless of the account age. I don’t think there are any accounts that are “immune” to getting banned maybe except for Instagram’s instagram account